Coffee… no primary source of life, but admittedly for many a lifeline.

The time to acquire this beloved product through Direct Trade and fair transport, to pack it in friendly material, and most importantly, to have it organically produced and therefore tasting delicious, can no longer be postponed.


Closing the circle of sustainability

Anemoi Coffee is our new initiative to bring organic coffee beans to Europe by fair transport. In order to make this possible, we have organized a crowd funding campaign that will start in three weeks. We need all the attention we can get for this innovative project.

Anemoi Coffee is a project aimed at offering suppliers the opportunity to close their individual sustainable circle by choosing environmentally friendly transportation for the supply of their beans. Fair transport is still practically unknown, and pretty much uncommon. One might even say it’s ‘not done’ yet, even in this age of climate consciousness. We would like to change this. If this project proves a success, our intent is to establish a yearly tradition of fairly shipping Anemoi Coffee to Europe.

The Fairtransport Foundation has built up years of experience in fair sailed cargo shipping with the Tres Hombres ship. Anemoi Coffee will work together with the Tres Hombres to bring the coffee to Europe, fairly shipped.

Anemoi Coffee

We let the ancient Greek wind gods, the Anemoi, which were at times personified as winged men, be the inspiration for the name of our coffee. 

Erik Rauws, nearby the coast of Brasil  in 2014

Erik Rauws, nearby the coast of Brasil  in 2014

The Bean

Earlier this year we visited several coffee plantations in Costa Rica, in order to speak with organic coffee farmers about their coffee. Despite the increasing demand for organic and sustainable products, the amount of organic coffee farmers in Costa Rica is decreasing, due to the fact that it’s simply more lucrative to produce non-organic coffee.

In spite of this development, we encountered the most amazing family business: Las Lajas. This coffee farm consists of an organic micromill (a wet mill) located at on the mountainside of the Poás Volcano. The family has been in the coffee producing business for the past 80 years, after the grandparents started the business, the current six brothers and sisters inherited it and continued the work. The farm is certified as an organic producer and the farmer himself is certified as an organic exporter. 

The specific coffee bean that Anemoi Coffee chose to ship is a certified organic coffee bean. It received the German BCS Öko-certification.  

The farmer who supplies us this specific coffee bean mentioned that he too is debating the option of switching from organic to conventional coffee, because he just can’t get a better price for organic coffee, even though its production entails much more physical labor. Surely our project will present him with renewed motivation to continue on this mission with us!

Farming for Pura Vida!

The Packaging and Label

The packaging of the Anemoi Coffee Beans is made of the award winning Biotre Film produced by Pacific Bag Inc. This unique type of packaging is made of a combination of renewable, biodegradable materials, with accelerated-degradation polymer. These materials have been verified to effectively preserve the sensitive coffee beans.

The Biotre Film, which forms 60% percent of the packaging, can actually be used for composting instead of being disposed of. It needs an average composting time of 101 days!

The other 40% of the packaging is made of clear polymer, which will be broken down in five to ten years, if placed in a landfilled environment. Unprecedented in any other existing plastic!

This bag will not add to the oceanic plastic soup; germs love it, use it, and return it back to us in this caring cycle!

To read more about the Anemoi Coffee Bean packaging visit Pacific Bag.

The label

The label on the Anemoi Coffee Bean package is made of growing paper. The residue that is left after the beans have been used to make coffee, is an extremely nutritious growth medium. When placed in a container (this could even be the original coffee packaging), the label can be buried in it, and lively organic-coffee-fed organic flowers will sprout!

To read more about the Anemoi Coffee Bean growing paper label, visit:


Fairtransport is the pioneer of sailed cargo shipping in the modern world. This project is aimed at opening up the present market to the feasibility of environmentally friendly cargo shipping under sail. The Fairtransport Foundation is the world’s first organization to actively revive the ages of sailed business. We will bring you the best organic coffee beans we can find using nothing but our ship and the wind in our sails.


Sailing for Pura Vida!


The beloved Fairtransport Ship: Tres Hombres

The sailing cargo ship that this project started with is a modern day merchant vessel. She was built by the Fairtransport Foundation with the help of many volunteers’ hands and was baptized ‘Tres Hombres’, a name inspired by the three friends who initiated the project, Andreas Lackner, Jorne Langelaan and Arjen van der Veen.

Since December 2009 she has sailed as a prototype vessel for cargo shipping under sail. At this time she maintains a yearly shipping line for cargo and trainees between Europe, all North Atlantic Islands, the Caribbean and the American continent. The ship has a 35-ton capacity for cargo and is sailed by a small crew, supported by trainees from all over the world. The endless hard work that this entails keeps our bodies fit and our minds sharp.

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